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Philosophy & Creative

Once the brand image is settled in the market, it is hard to change easily.
That is why brand images must be clear so they can be more appealing to
consumers and be recognized for a long time.
'OFFOF' presents new premium value to companies with different colors,
differentiating brands with their own colors.

It will naturally melt to consumers and help you
to be a memorable company.

'Relocation' is basically simpler than showing off.
It means to focus on the essence of the product.
It begins with 'moderation’.

Our philosophy is to deliver clear messages
through simplicity.

Our history is not long, but it is faithful to the basics
and boldly tries to do what is not done in traditional
product design.

Experience and knowledge in each field such as brand,
product design, graphic design, and digital media gather
together to create more creative results.

Our Client

What We Do

'OFFOF', which consists of experts from various fields, performs
a variety of design work to deliver the brand experience more effectively.
Provide a good experience to users and create new cultures through
structured processes.
We study new shapes and structures of products based on user
experience and skill.
Visual results communicate innovative and creative meanings of
products to customers.
We have expertise in video, advertising, and web PR to plan and
implement effective promotional strategies.