Kite EV1

EV Charger

Kite ev1

The KITE EV1 is a household EV charger that aims to increase the penetration of electric vehicles with a high penetration rate. Simple to use and intuitive UI makes it easy for anyone to use. KITE EV1 is a charging system in which the charger sends and receives control signals from cars and 100 ~ 450v DC is variably supplied to charge the battery of the electric vehicle. Charging high-pressure and high-capacity takes less time to charge.

Kite Card

Members who join KITE receive RFID CARD. This card is compatible with all KITE products and can be used anywhere Kite EV1 is installed.

User Interface

The display on the front is user-friendly because it consists of RDY during charge standby or 100% and 70% during charging.


The connector is placed on the main body of the connector, so it can be easily inserted after pushing.


The body of the connector is made of aluminum, and the LED indicator is located at the top of the handle to check the remaining charge. The overall shape consists of a curve that is easy to hold in one hand with a soft shape. Hand contact provides a comfortable feel with rubber material.

Detail image

Detail image

Detail image


Regardless of its location, it goes well with its surroundings and provides a high-end image with simple design.